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Lt Col Yaacob Mahmud Managing Director of AEON DELIGHT (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd Lt Col Yaacob Bin Mahmud (R)
Managing Director of AEON DELIGHT

The constant changes and evolution in the service industry have never cease to bring excitement to our Company, especially me as it provides wider opportunities for us to serve and improve what we have established. The pursuant towards the creation of environmental values have always been AEON Delight (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd’s desire and objective in ensuring our customers and the local communities achieve the environment of ‘delight’ in their everyday lives and it has been my and every member of the Company’s mission to strive for the better and create a delightful tomorrow by making differences in the everyday work that we do, from the services which we provide to all the accomplishments we aim to achieve, be it small or big.

Service to the customers has always been part of our DNA and with our ever-growing and diverse services, we aim to become the one-stop solution for our customers in managing and caring for their “back end”, thus enabling them to concentrate on their business. It is my pleasure to further enhance ourselves through collaboration with other service companies to further improve our service productivity and quality, providing value added service and at the same time, being more cost effective to our customers.

Our goal is never only business but also the enrichment of our members, customers and society through the opportunities available, by giving back not only to society but also to all members of AEON Delight. Our belief in the creation of environmental values extend into creating and nurturing a more rewarding and delightful workplace for our employees. The members of AEON Delight are ever ready to extend a helping hand in making the world a better place as we understand that is not only the Company’s Corporate Responsibility but also responsibility of everyone to assist those in need and making better of what is given.

We are constantly looking for better ways to enrich the experience of every individual in aspects of safety, security and comfortability through the philosophy of “Customers’ First” and through it, we aim to be the leading Comprehensive Facility Management Services company in Malaysia. Together, we strive for excellence without compromising the very basis our DNA – integrity, trust, respect humility, loyalty and unity.

Career Opportunities
Career Opportunities