Rusleena (Acting Senior Manager at Cleaning Dept.)

Q1. What was the reason you decided to join ADM?

IMG_1933I had experience in working with AEON retail for 8 years prior to my previous job in the different industry when I received a job offer from ADM. I felt that I could grow further if I joined ADM based on the experience I had with AEON retail. On the top of this, I felt that ADM would be able to expand its business in Malaysia. These are the reasons why I decided to join.

Q2. Tell us about ADM office atmosphere! (physically and holistically)

IMG_1928I feel that the atmosphere in our office is comfortable – in other words, there are no barriers between departments including with its management level, which gives me the feeling that ADM has no communication limitation and everybody can voice out to make ADM a better team. This is a positively unique and different atmosphere from my previous working place.

Q3. Any tips to evoke your staff’s motivation?

IMG_1935What I always advice my staff is that ADM is in a very different field which is still new in the country and that we can be the pioneer (of this industry) in Malaysia. Also, I encourage them to have their own credits to enable their own growth and development at the work place. Lastly, as part of the AEON Group, we treat our staffs well, both career wise and financially (remuneration), as long as your (staff) performance is delightful and up to expectations!

Q4. What are your hopes for our industry?

This is more towards ADM (as a company) but I am hoping that ADM could be public listed as soon as possible because it indicates that ADM has received public’s recognition which directly and indirectly raises my motivation as well.

Q5. What advice do you have for prospective ADM candidates?

This is what I have learned from my previous superior – “Expect the unexpected factor”. If you are prepared physically and mentally, you can recover quickly should something unexpected happen. I believe that the quote is applicable to any kind of working environment.

Special Q. This is why I am Delighted to be an ADM member!

I have a strong feeling that joining ADM has been a right decision based on the positive factors I have mentioned and these feelings make me feel delighted to be part of ADM!


Career Opportunities
Career Opportunities