Sharon (Human Resources Dept.)

Q1. Tell us about ADM office atmosphere!

IMG_1950ADM office is quite tidy and as we are a “Comprehensive Facility Management company”, our team pays attention to and cares about the office environment. The staffs are also always helpful and friendly. This is my impression.

Q2. Do you remember your first day joining ADM and how was it?

IMG_1945Yes, I do. It was a very busy day and all the staffs were efficient and practical – meaning, they do their best to ensure no time was wasted and they were hard-working. Watching them made me feel I would want to follow (in their footsteps) and learn from them to grow, in my career and as a person, in the fastest way possible.

Q3. What was the reason to decide to join ADM?

IMG_1953Actually, I was introduced to join ADM by my senior who is working in the company. When she asked me to join, it was during the peak season for accounts closing and she was keeping to her responsibilities and performing well and thus I felt that I wanted to assist her. Additionally, after hearing about ADM, it seems ADM would provide good benefits as it is part of the AEON group. These are the main reasons I decided to join.

Q4. What kind of people/person you would like to work with in ADM?

I would want to work with somebody who is energetic, responsible, has a positive attitude and most importantly, stands on a “never give up” spirit! In ADM, everyone works and completes tasks as a team; I think that those are the vital characteristics (where I enjoy working in).

Q5. Would you suggest any of your friends to work with ADM and why?

Yes. First reason is that ADM is part of the AEON Group. The second reason is although ADM is under the AEON Delight holdings (under AEON Group), ADM is newly established independent company – in other words, compared to other group companies, there are higher chances for everybody who joined this company to grow with the company. I think ADM would not hire people only based on academic result but working attitude and their career view.

Special Q. This is why I am Delighted to be an ADM member!

I consider ADM is my second family as we work together and stay together 1/3 of the day. Not only that, we get to play together during company outings, birthday parties and so on. This is why I am delighted to be a member of ADM family!


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Career Opportunities