Our COC and Our Promises

AEON DELIGHT is diligently aiming to continuously establish and strengthen the Company’s Corporate Governance.

The AEON DELIGHT Code of Conduct

I am always grateful to the many other individuals who provide help and support; and I never forget to act with humility.
I always act with integrity and sincerity in every situation.
I always work to improve myself so as to offer services that exceed customer expectation.
I continually challenge myself, without hesitation, to help AEON DELIGHT to create environmental values.
I always act as a member of AEON DELIGHT in serving the local communities.
I work to maintain and improve the delightful working environment, and to treat my colleagues with respect.

Our Promises

I promise never to violate relevant laws and regulations.
I will comply with the quality manuals and never betray customer’s trust.
I will give safety top priority and strive to prevent any accidents.
I will never fail to report, communicate and consult with customers and my superiors on any relevant matters.
I will abide by contract with customers.
I promise to do my utmost to prevent environmental pollution.
I will constantly comply with rules and regulations.


Career Opportunities
Career Opportunities