Facilities Maintenance & Energy Saving Services

Provide the most suitable solution to your facility through our consultation services

Facility Management Service features

At AEON DELIGHT, we serve our customers by ensuring the optimality of the equipment and facilities we are charged upon by our customers.
With our comprehensive management services, we strive to create a comfortable, safe and delightful environment using the top of the line technologies and rich experiences stemming from Japan.

Our team of well-trained professionals will be sent out to conduct pre-emptive maintenance in order to avoid preventable accidents.

Maintenance of facilities

Overall maintenance operations, including inspection, maintenance, operation management, repair and cleaning

Inspection of facilities

Inspection of building-related facilities, including electrical equipment, air-conditioning, water supply and drainage, and sanitation

Improvement of facilities

Maintenance and improvement of functions, adjustment, lubrication and washing

Operation management

Monitoring of operational conditions of electrical equipment, air-conditioning, heat source systems and elevators

Arrangement of overall facilities

Coordination with building owners, operation directors and government related parties for implementing facility management


Facility Management Services Business Feature

Facility management

We offer everything from permanent, on-site facilities management services in which our staff monitor equipment operation from your control room.

Facility improvement

We provide inspection and improvement services for general buildings and equipment including inspection and maintenance work required to maintain functionality.


Energy Saving (Construction) Service features

AEON DELIGHT is well aware of the environment situation and owns some of the best solutions to assist not only in the aide to reduce energy and cost usage, but also the burden in which the environment is taking on.

Our experience professionals strive to provide the best suited energy conservation plans according to the conditions and requirements of the facility while taking into consideration the needs and wants of our clients throughout every stage of our service; all these done without compromising the well being of the environment.

Solutions to Achieve Energy Saving and Reduce CO2 Emissions

sampleAn energy saving support service that helps to lower environmental impacts through the introduction and use of energy-efficient equipment that offers a good return on investment.

Construction and Interior

Using information obtained from daily maintenance and worksites, we provide comprehensive support for project planning, including construction and management of projects ranging from restoration work to office renovation, interior work, and large-scale repairs.

Energy-saving solution of lighting

We make a suggestion energy saving of lighting such as LED lighting can reduce power consumption substantially. By selecting best suited lighting for each location such as room inside, parking and sign etc, you can reduce CO2 emission and electricity costs.


Our Motto

Energy-efficient buildings have many aspects. Effective approaches differ depending on the application, scale and scope of equipment in a particular facility.

Building on the expertise and advanced information we have gathered in the field, we offer solutions that contribute to the most effective energy conservation and CO2 reduction initiatives.

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Career Opportunities