Procurement Services

A centralised function that streamlines operation and deliveries while keeping reducing cost

AEON DELIGHT has the full capability to assist our clients reduce the cost and time taken to continually procure and manage materials and supplies used in offices as well as retail spaces.

With our custom-made plans, we can help you streamline and coordinate both the purchasing process as well as logistics; indirectly contributing to your business’ operational productivity and optimization of life cycle cost.

Procurement Services Features


procurement_ph01Plastic shopping bags, wrapping paper, plastic bags on rolls, adhesive tape, cash register rolls (receipts), shopping baskets, shopping carts and more.


Alcohol disinfectant, solvents, kitchen knives, cutting boards, trays, kitchen uniforms, sanitary gloves, masks, preventers, aprons, gumboots, and more.

Loading bays and distribution centers

Packaging materials, labels, stickers, vouchers, wrapping film and more.


Stationery and office supplies, toner, consumables for office automation equipment, and more.

Procurement (Supply) Sourcing Services Business Feature

Optimization of sourcing

After signing a confidentiality agreement, we analyze your purchasing procedures, and plan a sourcing strategy (standardization and demand aggregation of indirect materials used in-house) and offer support.

Development of cheaper, environmentally friendly products

As demand for environmentally friendly products rises, we change materials and specifications to develop environmentally friendly products while keeping costs low.

Reduction of distribution cost through efficient logistics

Our distribution centers employ a centrally managed system in which all steps of the process from order placement to invoicing are handled online to reduce required man hours and improve the precision of delivery and inventory management.

Our Motto

We provide reasonable price at best quality never forgetting to be fast and efficient with extensive assortment of choice to cater your needs.

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