Vending Machine Services

Providing hassle free access to refreshments and snacks while minimizing energy usage

Everyone will benefit from the availability of instant refreshments which runs on effective energy saving equipment whether in a public or corporate environment.

AEON DELIGHT’S team of designer and experts will work closely with you to ensure that we can come up with the most relaxing and pleasant space for not only workers, customers but third party users as well.
Our business menu is expanding with various types of vending machines, from the main refreshment machines to snack machines; providing the best suited machines to suit your needs.
We will also help in maintain and replenish items in these vending machines.

Services Features

Drink Vending Machines

Improve profitability and user satisfaction by installing environmentally friendly machines with the best product line-up to match the needs of you customers

Food/Snack Vending Machines

AEON DELIGHT has gone further to introduce our snack machines to provide convenience to our customers by enabling them immediate access to a variety of light snacks and tid-bits without any hassle.
Our snack range include fresh food, fruits and snacks.

Vending Machines

Vending machines are always popular not only with adults but also amongst young children.
We can propose optimal plans for vending machines.

Services Features

High Profitability through POS Management

Our mixed vending machines stock a variety of best-selling products from major manufacturers and achieve per-machine sales that are above the industry average by carrying an optimal product line-up.

Hassle-Free Customer Service

Our unique, hassle-free customer service employs a full operation system to deliver products and stock machines, manage inventory, conduct maintenance and collect deposits.

Our Motto

We make vending machines accessible and available to everyone 24 hours per day, 7 days per week – regardless of location, time and date with product line-up in accordance to your preference and necessity.

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Career Opportunities