Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR)

Expanding on social and environmental initiatives

AEON DELIGHT consistently conducts environmental and social initiatives to educate and promote core values to employees and communities that they are involved in.
Employees are encouraged to create opportunities for themselves and others to volunteer during clean-up campaigns, tree-planting events, provide courses on accident prevention and first aid as well as supporting the construction of schools in various parts of Asia.
Some of the Activities which AEON DELIGHT is participating and/or organizing.

2013 – 2014

AEON DELIGHT was given the opportunity to participate in AEON GROUP’S tree planting event in Kulai Jaya, Johor for the Company’s first CSR event. Led by Mr Nowaki Harada and Ms Noryahwati Mohd Noh, a total of ten members from the Company joined the event and as a team, planted the trees at the Kulai Jaya AEON Mall as an effort to cultivate and nurture the mindset of giving back and protecting for the future.
This was followed by several other tree planting events in which AEON DELIGHT had participated in with the rest of the AEON Group in the company’s effort to promote social and environmental initiatives for the benefits of our next generations. AEON DELIGHT ensures that every member of the company is exposed to this wonderful experience in the hopes of cultivating humility, appreciation, generosity and teamwork.

2015 – 2016

AEON DELIGHT is currently planning for various types of social and environmental activities and initiatives for the members of the Company and the society as part of the AEON DELIGHT’S management principal and promises.


Along with the growth and development of the Company, Giving back to society is a very essential aspect in a company. Every society is our potential customers. And especially in 2017, ADM employees have taken an extra mile in giving back to community by participating not one, not two but three Corporate Social Responsibility this year. Thanks to our sibling company, AEON CO and collaboration with Malaysian AEON Foundation.

Details of our CSR activities can be found here.

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