AEON Delight Malaysia

“Delight” is created through the ‘environmental value” by providing delightful feeling where high emphasis is given in safety and comfortability of our customers and societies

AEON Delight Malaysia

To become an established integrated FM Company in Malaysia that acts true to its principles in providing delight, comfort and safety to all its customers and the society.

AEON Delight Malaysia

To provide effective and efficient comprehensive services with customers’ safety, comfort and delight in mind; providing customers with a peace of mind to focus on the more important daily affairs.

To work closely with our customers and stakeholders, developing an everlasting relationship with trust and integrity as its foundation; growing together for a better future.

To relentlessly find ways to improve and develop ourselves and be constantly creative and innovative in providing new best possible ideas and solutions to improve the quality of work and life of our customers and their facilities without compromising our integrity and governance.

To always be a team-player and contribute to our society and the environment through various possible humane efforts; involving all members of the society with the aim of creating a sustainable better tomorrow.

AEON Delight Malaysia
Corporate Value System


I am to continuously provide the best possible service while working closely with my team to create a better tomorrow for customers, societies and myself.


I am always passionate to pursue the best and make continuos improvements in work and life.


I hold integrity in all my words and action; to be responsible in providing all that I can for those around me at work and in life.


I shall always be in compliant towards rules and regulations set by the Company and local authorities.


I am always energetic and engaging in providing services and communicating with all those around me to generate a delightful and pleasant environment



3rd Floor, Wisma Maluri, Jalan Jejaka, Taman Maluri, Cheras, 55100 Kuala Lumpur


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